«Baltic Coast Trading»


The «Baltic Coast Trading» LLC imports fish and seafood to Russia and sells these products. The enterprise was established in 2005.

Currently the «Baltic Coast Trading» LLC is the main supplier of frozen imported raw materials for the «Baltic Coast» JSC: capelin roe, dried seaweed, sprat, shrimp, Atlantic salmon, Baltic herring, mackerel, herring and others. The company also has experience in equipment and plastic tare’s work materials import.

Total import:

Year Tons
2010 11 582
2011 13 953
2012 14 073
1H2013 6 784

Long-termed business relationships were established with the largest suppliers of hydrobionts. We import goods from Europe, North and South America, South-East Asia. Commercial geography becomes wider with each year.

The «Baltic Coast Trading» LLC is included in Top-20 of the biggest importers of fish and seafood in Russia and is a participant of custom’s «Green Channel».

Product Share in total import to Russia, %
Dried Seaweed 44,05
Capelin roe 37,03
Herring Flaps 16,99
Baltic herring 8,60
GS Fillet 7,89
Sprats 5,76
Mussels 5,26
Mackerel 0,71